The two businesses who are hosting this event have many of the same goals and beliefs when it comes to future plans. Steph from WedLocal started that brand trying to make a change for the better in the wedding industry - read her story below. Suzett from Champion Productions is passionate about helping create that special day- read her story below. Together they want to curate a wedding expo that fits the needs of the couples in all aspects of their wedding.  Making the planning process a little less over-whelming by showcases our local options who want to meet couples and be apart of their wedding! We believe in passion, commitment, trust and growth and want our exhibitors to reflect those characteristics when meeting couples.  

C r e a t e | C o l l a b o r a t e | C u l t u r e 
Suzett is the owner and operator of Champion Productions a family run business, specializing in Event Management, along with Design and Decor.
Thing you cannot leave the house without:   Phone

2. Favourite brand of makeup:  Clinique 
3. Favourite flower: Roses 
4. Favourite clothing store: Armani Exchange
5. Favourite perfume: Dolce & Gabbanna Light Blue
6. HEELS or FLATS :  Flats 
7. Do you make good grades: Yes
8. Favourite colours: Shades of Pink and Purple 
9. Do you eat fries with a fork? No
10. Do you drink coffee? No
11. What are you afraid of?  Bugs 
12. Do you get mad easily? No 
The passion for organization and preparation inspired Suzett to join the wedding industry over six years ago. This passion fostered the launch of her own business, Champion Productions. Suzett has a natural inclination towards designing and organizing events, as she has a high level of attention to detail along with an great ability to coordinate on multiple levels simultaneously, and seamlessly behind the scenes.

Aside from being a Certified Wedding Planner  she has an extensive educational background, along with multiple Bachelor Degrees. She has a background in culture and religion that helps her relate with persons from all backgrounds. .

She is  personable, client focused, and driven and she is passionate about what she does. Champion Productions is built on a high level of customer service, and years of experience believing that family is first  in building a strong foundation for  her business.
Steph is from WedLocal a local focused wedding company that supplies seeking couples with trusting and amazing wedding vendors. 

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without:   my phone... 
2. Favourite brand of makeup:  eyeshadow from too faced and foundation from mac. I LOVE kat von d's liquid eyeliner 
3. Favourite flower: peonies 
4. Favourite clothing store: WINNERS / Marshalls
5. Favourite perfume: Kate Spade - Live Colourfully
6. HEELS or FLATS :  sneakers please 
7. Do you make good grades: C's get degrees
8. Favourite colours: Pink and Burgandy 
9. Do you eat fries with a fork? uhh NO
10. Do you drink coffee? My blood is made of coffee
11. What are you afraid of?  Tons of bugs 
12. Do you get mad easily? No, but I am a perfectionist with myself  
Steph has several years of experience specializing in customer relations. She has worked in retail and corporate environments. She always took great pride in her work and dedicated herself to becoming the best in her position. Over the years, she discovered that she had an interest for teaching and training, she gets satisfaction out of a job well done while instilling her passion in others. One thing that has always been the driving force in her life is working in an industry that inspires her and keeps her motivated. Not that many years ago, Steph was pretty much a "professional bridesmaid" think 27 Dresses but not quite to that extent. It was then that she discovered how much she loved the wedding industry. What started out just as her natural willingness to always help others, in this case, her bride-to-be friends, her outgoing personality propelled her into the role of the one communicating with vendors on their behalf, thereby establishing relationships within the bridal community. From there, a lightbulb went off, and she realized that she could put her skills to good use, and Wedlocal was born. 

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1808 Wellington Ave.
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
We believe as a business owners that passion and consistency are key factors in building the best version of our businesses.   -Steph, WedLocal