Tips + Tricks on How to Successfully Navigate an Expo

Attending a Wedding Expo is a fun activity to begin your planning process!

In addition to finding creative and inspirational options from all the great ideas on display, you will have the opportunity to meet amazing local wedding professionals all under one roof. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, learn more about their experience, what they offer and if you have a connection with them - that is also important. You will get a large amount of information from all the booths try not to get overwhelmed with it as you can go through it all later on after you leave.

Our Local Wedding Expo is also a GREAT way to spend a day with your wedding party, family and fiancé focusing on you and your special day. Here are some tips and tricks for attending not just our expo but any trade show during this planning process.

Make a Wedding Email Address

• Customize an email address for your wedding. Having an form of communication solely for your needs is also a great way to keep your spouse and your potential vendors on the same page. This will keep you organized between ideas and vendor relationships.

Make Labels

• Many vendors run contests and having printed out labels with your contact information -name, phone number, email address and  include your event date will assist you when entering contests quickly and supplying your information to potential vendors for your event.

Wearing comfortable attire

• Our Local Wedding Expo has 46 vendors and there are some expos with over 300 vendors. You will definitely get your steps in! Having the right shoes and clothing will make it easier for you to not be uncomfortable during your fun afternoon.

Make Multiple Appearances

1. Wedding Party

• Get your besties involved! Sharing the planning process with your wedding party will make them feel involved and engaged. It is also good to get different opinions and a extra set of eyes and hands during the planning process. Also a great excuse for a brunch with mimosas!

2. With your significant other

• Sharing this experience with your future spouse will be a great bonding experience. You can both share your ideas and inspiration find out new things about each other while you envision your event together.

3. Parents or Family

• It's always a parents dream to see their children meet their perfect match. Giving them this opportunity to be part of your Wedding planning process will warm their hearts and even maybe shed a tear. Wedding Expos will also show them what the new trends are in decor and fashion.

RSVP pre-register for the Expo

Pre-registering will smooth out the check-in process.  With our OLWE event register as a MVB - Most Valueable Bride or MVG - Most Valuable Groom, to get your give away bag, filled with goodies from vendors and to this will also put your name in our giveaway contest!

Scout out your vendors BEFORE  the event

• Check out our exhibitor listing and see which vendors you are interested in and to make sure you don't miss anyone you may be interested in meeting. A map of all vendors will ease the process of walking through expo. At our specific event we will have a map available for easy navigation.

Take notes and pictures

• Sometimes this process can be overwhelming, there is a lot to see and many people to meet. Bring a notebook and jot down some notes if that is your best learning style or if you need visuals snap a picture for easy reference later!

Enter to Win

• Enter ALL the ballots, if you win a product and or service it will be a bonus!

Try samples or grabbing the freebies

• See what vendors are offering. New ideas and services may come to light! By trying their samples or taking their give away, will give you ahead start in the planning process or maybe lead you in a new exciting direction

Have fun!

• This is the most important aspect of all this wedding planning - it can be stressful at times, but Our Local Wedding Expo is here to make it a little bit easier on you. Come down and take a walk around the room, meet new perspective vendors, sample some delicious food or sweets, listen to music,  be inspired by the decor setups and even get a mini beauty session! 

- Suzett  & Steph

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