The best part of a wedding is a couples love story.  From the very beginning of their adventure together,  never missing the funniest and most heart warming moments in between,  leads up to a very special engagement.  Deb and Robyn from A Perfect Ceremony, I Do!, love telling these wonderful  memories when officiating wedding ceremonies.  Deb and Robyn feel the love when the couples share their vows to all that are gathering in witness. 

“I just love everything about weddings.”  – Deb

A Perfect Ceremony, I Do! has been in business for over 10 year officiating wedding ceremonies.  Deb and Robyn are a duo in the business, who are confident in standing and speaking in front of families and guests,  whether it be an intimate or large wedding.

Connecting with couples is a key component to their future endeavors in the wedding industry..  Resonating and understanding the needs of  their clients,  as well as often becoming friends in the process, is a very important part in creating the loving aura of any wedding ceremony – and if you have ever met Deb or Robyn they have a great sense of humor.

“We both have a great sense of humor and love to make everyone feel like we have been friends forever.” – Deb 

With all joking aside, Deb and Robyn ensure your wedding ceremony will go smoothly.  They prepare for everything you will need!  From booking you with Kim, their Marriage License Issuer (who by the way has super flexible hours), to setting up and organizing a wedding rehearsal.  Making sure that the wedding procession comes out, as Deb says “pretty damn near perfect”!

A Perfect Ceremony, I Do! wants couples to be true to themselves and have a wedding that they truly want.  They leave you with a few tips:

  • Don’t feel pressure from others and what they think you should have.  In the end everyone will be happy with what you both wanted.
  • Don’t go into debt to have your dream wedding if it is so far out of reach.  People won’t remember the big table displays or how many people were at your wedding.  

But most of all,

  • They will remember how beautiful you both looked and how much in love you are.  They will definitely remember how fun your whole day was.