As we are unsure of what life will look like in November and our priority is the safety and health of people; we are taking an online approach by taking OLWE Virtual!

Each vendor will have a virtual booth – In your ‘booth’ you will have a brand VIDEO of you and your business – created by you! Attendees will have access to your prerecorded uploaded video, your business contact information, services listed and the option to upload marketing show materials that you would normally hand us, but this time attendees will have access to them electronically. There will also be options for you to select to notify couples if you are willing to travel, that you perform non-denominational ceremonies or LGBTQIA2S+ OPEN etc.

Attendees will have three different options for show day.

Option one: they will be able to see the expo during the hours of 11 am – 6 pm to collect info and details of their desired vendors.

Option two and three: will have a video on demand playback abilities, to view the videos and information again upwards of two weeks. They will also be able to favourite the booths and message you directly from the platform. As they enter the expo they are able to browse by a categorized list or by a randomized tour, as if they are in a real live expo!

Prior to event day, we will be promoting the expo on social media through multiple channels, you will be provided badges and tickets to give away to help self promote the event!

Hope this information helps paint a picture of what to expect BUT if you have any questions – reach out!!

Please note that we truly are pricing everything at cost for a successful event, this is a year about helping and seeing our industry grow past these hurdles.