As a couple, I want the both of you to imagine what your Wedding Day will look like. I want the both of you to think of the special moments that you want to capture. I am sure that you can think of all the picture perfect moments that you can imagine. Christina of Christina W. Kroeker Creative, will surely take those perfect pictures. In fact, her favourite part of her job is capturing those moments that she has visualized and dreamed up. At that time, you might hear her whisper “yes,” but inside she is screaming it!

As a Photographer, Christina puts on many hats and assists in the planning process of the wedding. If you haven’t yet hired a planner or coordinator, then this could include helping figure out your timeline. She can assist in directing the day-of details, as she knows the entire wedding. She often is the one to note details that need adjusting, cleaning and clearing space so that distractions are removed from shots, and rounding up details about the couple and their wedding decor to preserve in photographs.

Christina understands that adaptability in the wedding and event industry is important. Especially as weddings and events rarely go exactly as planned. She is quick on her feet, which is crucial as a photographer! She can adapt as plans change, or (maybe more familiar to us Winnipegger’s) as the weather changes.

She is also aware of the ever-changing trends. “Over the past year ,I’ve seen an interjecting of more vibrant colours, which I’m excited for. I’ve also seen an increase in interest and awareness of reducing the environmental impact of weddings and events, which I hope will be longer lasting than just a trend!”

Christina’s ideal event is filled with smiles and happy tears.  She is drawn to more intimate events that are well lit with natural light, that have many unique and personal details to add character. Intimate events is the Wedding Industry’s new norm, therefore Christina will not disappoint.

Remember how I mentioned thinking about the special moments that you want to capture? Now, what about the moments that you probably haven’t thought of? The moments that, when you see pictures of it, it will make your heart melt. Consider these… Your parents’ reaction as they walk you down the aisle, or your grandparents’ faces full of joy as they see you say “I do,” or your best friends dancing the night away with you. 

I am confident that Christina will catch everything and all that is important and meaningful to you.

”Celebrate your love story, not in spite of all the hard things life has thrown at you, but in defiance of it.” – Christina Kroeker, Christina W. Kroeker Creative