“We don’t look behind us and regret the past. The past is what gives way to the opportunity for a brighter future, and 2021 will certainly be bright.” – Alexis from Alexis Rose Designs

Now, that quote gives everyone something to think about. Alexis is the creator of Alexis Rose Designs, and her floral designs will definitely make your day brighter.


What goes unnoticed by many people is the work that goes into growing beautiful florals. From there, Alexis takes those gorgeous blooms and makes them into an amalgamation of beauty for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. Her joy comes from the look of her brides’ faces when they see their bouquet for the first time. Alexis says that moment is priceless for her.  


Are you a romantic sap like I am? Well, Alexis can top that with her delivery of exchanging surprise notes in your bouquet or boutonniere. The idea of opening up and reading this special message with flowers on your Wedding day makes my heart melt. “It’s a fun and romantic little addition that can set off the day in a fun and loving way,” Alexis says.  


We asked Alexis about the upcoming trends in the floral industry. She states, “I’ve seen a huge rise in the use of dried and preserved florals, which is lovely to see.” She also mentioned the trend of buying locally grown Canadian products, rather then exotics. Which is what we at Our Local Wedding Expo love to hear! Supporting our local business is very important to us. Our passion is to help and see our local businesses grow!  But, back to floral trends! Alexis is also seeing more of a “back to basics” rustic vibe, with delicate and modern colour schemes. Though, these trends may be up and coming, it doesn’t mean that Alexis can’t create your vision.  

With that being said, don’t leave your florist to last. Alexis says she sees it all the time where people have forgotten or pushed back on meeting with a florist. The suggestion is to plan a consultation for 6-8 months before your Wedding day. This enables your florist to inform you of what will be in season during your Wedding and discuss colour variety. If you have specific or special flowers in mind, the earlier the better!


Alexis Rose Designs will do everything that they can to make the process as informative and painless as possible for you and your partner. Check out their designs on Instagram @designsbyaleixrose