Exhibitor FAQs

OLWE 2019 was such a hit with soon-to-be-wed couples and local wedding vendors, that we started planning the next expo right away! Then the unforeseeable happened: A global pandemic.

We saw our industry get hit hard and wanted to find a way to help. We saw an opportunity for us to shift the event to an online platform—keeping the momentum going for both couples and our vendors.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we live our lives. It is hard to predict and plan a wedding when so much is unknown, but it is possible! We want couples to be prepared, aware of industry changes and fluctuations, and familiar with up and coming trends. We also want them to connect with you—Manitoba wedding industry professionals who will make navigating their wedding planning as safe and stress-free as can be.

An expo is the most efficient way to make this happen, and our priority was to make it easy for both guests and vendors to enjoy it from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Our Virtual Booth is $100 and additional marketing/professional assistance options start at $50. Click here for more information.

We understand that the wedding industry has been hit really hard due to the restricted gathering numbers. This summer we saw a temporary boom in intimate weddings, with couples modifying their dream wedding by following Public Health guidelines. However, as we are in the second wave of this pandemic, we have hit even more strict restrictions—putting us at a financial standstill.

In response, we’ve designed this event to be as accessible as possible for vendors, while setting your business on a more positive trajectory. We’ve planned it with passion and love for our industry, not for profit. Our costs have been kept as low as possible, in order to keep entry fees affordable.

There are multiple benefits to registering as an OLWE Exhibitor! First and foremost, is keeping the momentum going in your business. Staying active in our industry is good for you, for your business and for our industry as a whole.

Exhibitor Benefits

  • Maximum exposure in a minimal amount of time, with less effort than traditional tradeshows
  • Eco-friendly and much cheaper alternative to printing hundreds of business cards and postcards that just end up being thrown away
  • No travel! Save on transportation, accommodation, food, etc. as you market yourself from the comfort of your home.
  • We offer a centralized area where all your conversations/interactions are recorded and accessible

There are many attractive benefits for guests too! Besides giving our future newlyweds a positive outlook for their big day, we’re providing them with an opportunity to stay current with this year’s wedding trends and connect with Manitoba’s wedding industry professionals from the comfort and safety of their home.

Other Guest Benefits:

  • Easier to attend
  • No crowds, no lines
  • More comfortable for neurodiverse people
  • It’s less expensive than a full outing to a traditional wedding convention, especially when including parking and food.
  • With the VIN and MVN package, they can keep track of their conversations and information in one central place
  • They can add their favourite vendors to their private profile for future access

All you need is a can-do attitude and your promotional material!

The first step is to register as an Exhibitor. You will need a computer/tablet that has access to the internet for registration, to edit your Virtual Booth and on the day-of the expo. Exhbitors are expected to be available during the expo hours of 11 am – 4 pm on January 24th, 2021.

To fill out your virtual booth, you can use previously created marketing materials like videos, etc. or create new ones. Add your company bio, list of services, photos, FAQs, social media links, promotional materials like brochures, and more.

Don’t like speaking in front of a camera? Not a problem, choose our concierge service. You can submit pictures of your product or service and we can create a slide show for you.
Not a problem! Choose our service and we can assist you in your submission of video or pictures. We have also have hand-picked two videographers with different styles that can create a branding video for you, for this virtual event and for future use!
Attendees have the option to contact you via email or phone, which is listed on your profile, or use the direct messaging option built into our site.

Do you know anyone that is new in the Wedding Industry? Do you know someone that has been really negatively affected by the pandemic? Did you do well this summer doing intimate weddings or events?

We are all feeling the pains of the pandemic. Some companies are able to keep afloat and some are drowning. There are some companies who flourished this summer with intimate weddings. Here is a chance to help someone in the industry and “pay it forward”. You can sponsor a company for the expo, do it anonymously or show the industry your generosity. Can’t sponsor a whole booth? That’s okay, you can choose your own amount because a little help goes a long way. We have to remember that we are all needed, no matter what our category and it takes a village!