Exhibitor Information

Our Local Wedding Expo 2021

When 2020 started we were excited to plan our 2nd Annual expo in the fall! 2019’s inaugural year was awesome and we had to get planning a second one! We got a head start and locked in a new venue along with some new exciting changes – COVID-19 hit and changed everything!

As everyone has been affected by the pandemic we understand the frustrations and changes in how we see the industry today! Everything is hard to predict and prepare for, things are changing from one week to the next.

After careful thought and consideration we didn’t want to let go of our upcoming expo altogether – we didn’t want to be another lost opportunity for our vendors. We have all had enough already!! So we decided to take the expo online in January 2021!

How exactly does this work?

Let Us Fill You In…

When you register as an Exhibitor, we’ll start preparing your Virtual Booth. When it’s ready for you to take over, we’ll send you an email with a link to access it. You’ll be able to customize your booth with your logo, company information, your company description, photo and video galleries, a list of services, areas you work in, your social media accounts and other contact information, FAQs, any special OLWE promotions you’re featuring, and more.

On the day of the expo, guests will be able to access your booth by browsing vendor categories, services, or searching for you directly. All guests will be able to “favourite” vendor profiles, and upgraded ticket holders will be able to message you directly, as well as have extended access to the site and the Virtual Booths.

As an Exhibitor, you can also be a part of our Vendor Gift Package for our MVN (Most Valuable Newlyweds) ticket holders! As a special touch, MVN guests will have a Vendor Gift Package filled with delicious samples and other goodies from local businesses delivered to their home the morning of the expo.

Your virtual booth will have information about your services, any expo marketing materials you want to show as well as discounts and contests! We have some other exciting extras we are planning, in order to help create amazing virtual booths!

When it comes to the attendees of the expo they will have three ticket options to choose from with some options allowing them to bookmark your booth and communicate with you through a messaging platform. There is also a play back feature for certain ticket levels which will allow people to go back and rewatch the amazing booth videos and vendor information!

We will be heavily using social media to promote and market for this event as well as run contests. Every vendor will also have their own tickets to giveaway!!

We understand the safety and the financial difficulty this year has placed on many vendors. So, we have priced the booths with that in mind! We are starting costs at $100 and for additional fees you can take advantage of services like a videographer or the concierge service!

The industry isn’t cancelled, things have just pivoted into a different direction. It’s uncertain when things will go back or if this intimate event style will be the new norm.

For more in depth details Click here for the exhibitor application for Virtual Expo 2021. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

We understand that even $100 can be a lot for some and still want to provide you with the opportunity. We are implementing a “pay it forward” sponsorship program. We heavily believe that it takes a village and we don’t want to let something such as a global pandemic hinder you from future opportunities. We understand that this is a sensitive topic and want to assure you that we will keep it confidential. We hope to help 10 vendors who would be here if they could. We believe that all the different vendor types are important and if we can lend a helping hand WE WANT TO! If you are a vendor who thrived during the pandemic and would like to donate a portion or a full booth please reach out – Anything helps!

The OLWE team is doing this 2021 expo for opportunity, not for profit. Therefore, we have priced based on that. This is how WE can give back to the industry! We hope to be together in person in the future, but for now let’s take this opportunity and make the most of it! We want to be as transparent as possible to ensure our genuine intention is seen.

Suzett & Steph