Golden Hand Jewellery is a specialty jewellery store that hand creates a large portion of gold and silver jewellery, in shop!  That’s correct, locally in Winnipeg Golden Hand Jewellery designs and creates their own jewellery; better yet they can customize jewellery to your specifics.  Their Goldsmiths are so talented that if you simply show them a picture of your dream jewellery and they can create it from scratch.  May it be an engagement ring or wedding bands, if you can dream it they can make it.

Just how Golden Hand Jewellery has passed down the knowledge of business and jewellery through generations to continue their craft, they understand and value of jewellery and heirlooms that have been passed down. Therefore, they can either repair to restore the same piece or create something new with it!  Now that is talent!

Golden Hand Jewellery’s entire team is very confident and knowledgeable on all things to do with your dream wedding rings. They love the excitement of weddings and will help you find what fits best for you and your lifestyle.

We asked Golden Hand Jewellery some tips for engagement rings:

“We also recommend you and your partner stop by before the big engagement and try out our personalized engagement ring builder! This is a fun experience for the both of you to come and spend some time at Golden Hand Jewellery on a little date, making something that could be stressful… fun! No appointment necessary, just stop by and have some fun!” -Golden Hand Jewellery

It could be nerve-racking, trying to find the perfect engagement ring for your special partner, however Golden Hand Jewellery has over 100 styles ready to go as well as at all different price points.  However, if you are looking at going the customized route, they ask that you give them a minimum 2-month time frame to create your special ring.

If you have passed the engagement stage and are looking at wedding bands, they have an amazing band ring builder, so couples can mix and match finding the perfect ring.  As with engagement rings, they also carry a large selection of curated wedding bands.

Couples looking for their wedding bands, we also have an amazing band ring builder so the two of you can mix and match finding the perfect ring. We also ask, if you are looking to customize, for a minimum 2-month time frame, we also carry a large selection of curated wedding bands!

Though their expertise is in jewellery, Golden Hand Jewellery’s favourite part about weddings is the couple! Seeing how excited a couple is about their new adventure makes them so excited to be part of something so big!

“Check out our Instagram account @goldenhandjewellery we promise you won’t get bored! We’re very active and love what we do! You’ll see some wild jewellery you’ve never thought of!” –Golden Hand Jewellery