Imagine you’re standing hand-in-hand with your soon to be spouse. Close your eyes… Can you see it? You’re both anxiously waiting to recite the marriage vows we all know by heart. “I, take you… for better or for worse…” You look up and the blooming flowers above you catch your eye. Just like the love of your family and friends surrounds you on your wedding day, a beautiful arbour filled with your favourite florals surrounds you and your fiancé as you say “I do”.  


Outta S.I.T.E Luxury Linens offers all-inclusive décor packages for all of your design needs. With full service options and over 13 years of experience in the wedding industry, you know you’re receiving expertise from one of the best in Winnipeg’s event industry. Deb, the owner of Outta S.I.T.E. Luxury Linens, not only wants to make sure your wedding décor is everything you envisioned, she also wants it to be affordable too. With “affordable luxury” linens, arbours, centerpieces and accessories, your ceremony and reception will be unforgettable. Are your tastes unconventional? Deb specializes in unique custom made décor elements that will make your big day (and night!) stand out. With the option to include event teardown after all is said and done, this creative and customer service driven company has got you covered. No, seriously. They will literally cover your tables and chairs! 


That circular arbour you imagined being married under before – guess what – it comes in other shapes too. Maybe you see yourself standing in front of a triangular shape or even a heart. And, the best part? Outta S.I.T.E is offering 30% off of their fully dressed ceremony arbours. That savings also applies to their fully designed head table décor. 


From soft and romantic to dramatic and adventurous, Outta S.I.T.E. Luxury Linens will add the perfect design elements to your celebration. These focal point pieces you helped to create will be even more special knowing that they came from your heart and Deb’s hands.