Peachy Green Events offers a curated, vintage style that instantly transforms your event space. 


Planning and styling is done in an eco-friendly manner, what with green events being a key part of the services offered. 


The Peachy Green Sidecar, along with other rental fixtures, are available for hire. Their unique sidecar makes for a perfect mobile bar.

Local Tradeshow // Models @esta13 and @raydanzach // Dress Features: @PearlandBirch

Think outside the box and reach out to this amazing team for photoshoot set-ups, or for family reunion parties that will be above and beyond your camping cooler’s capacity.

Reach out to this local curator, for your event planning, day of coordination, decor and game rentals, venue set up and or mobile bar! 

‘Robyn Holmes, the head event planner & owner of Peachy Green, has been passionate about the environment & organizing events her whole life. Wherever she goes she tries to make any event more eco conscious, Robyn strives to take every step possible to be environmentally friendly, from the items she uses at events, the one of a kind decor rentals available, using recycled paper products, chemical free cleaning, energy saving & implementing the 3 R’s in everyday operations to reduce the business’s eco footprint.’ – Learn more about Peachy Green Events from their Website 


Article Written By: Ester Kamenz

Quoted Reference from Peachy Green Website