This year Our Local Wedding Expo is hosting our annual Expo at the amazing Caboto Centre.  They are a versatile event space, you can transform the space into a beautiful engagement party, bridal shower or wedding!  They have two spaces that can accommodate as small as 15 people to as many as 350 people!

But, you have not heard the best part yet!  The Caboto Centre is catered by the amazing Original Sorrento’s Family and Event Staff.  Your event can be sure to enjoy either classic family style recipes all the way to upscale cuisine.

Sorrento’s at the Caboto Centre is locally and family run.  Their extreme involvement within the community and their love for food and recipes, was what brought them to the Caboto Centre in September 2018.  Due to their dedication and love for creating memorable moments, they have 500 events booked yearly!

When Sorrento’s was approached by the Caboto Centre to run their event space, they have since updated the dance floor, painting in all spaces, added new lighting, new chandelier fixtures throughout the hall, installed ceiling draping that can guest can use for décor free of charge, added outdoor lighting on the patio and lots of lush green plants throughout the foyer.  

With their exceptional family service they are currently booking one year out, and have limited availability in 2024.  When we express family service, we (OLWE) truly means it.  Working with Carly and the Caboto Centre makes it like you are talking and gathering with your family in the kitchen.  

“I love how couples make it (wedding) their own.  I love customizing menus and customizing the experience.“ –Carly